Demo notes:

What it doesn't include:

*Course system is still included,
Saved courses can be shared through their .txt files
The database allows quick uploading and playing of courses using codes

This demo is intended to give players a preview of the gamemode.
Please read the installation notes carefully.

Installation notes:


"Module not found", movement not working
  • Check you are on the 'x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries' branch (Properties > Betas)
  • Check you are playing on the 64-bit executable
  • Check .dll files are present in lua/bin
  • Install x86 and x64 C++ Redistributables:

  • vc_redist.x64.exe
Beatrun doesn't show up in gamemodes
  • Check that you've extracted in the correct place (beatrundemo should show up in addons)
Crash on loading
  • Join the Steam group
  • Delete bin/win64 folder (the one with gmod.exe) and verify integrity
  • Turn off your third-party antivirus software. Bitdefender will apparently throw a fit
Multiplayer issues on clients
  • All players must have the demo installed
Multiplayer inexplicably downloading some maps and PMs
  • Delete WorkshopContent.lua in addons\beatrundemo\gamemodes\beatrundemo\gamemode\sv
Can't spawn things from spawnmenu
  • You need to be a superadmin on the server you're playing on
Flashlight casts my own shadow
  • Enter r_flashlightdepthtexture 0 in the console
Viewmodel is lagging behind
  • Enter r_waterforcereflectentities 0 in the console
Misc Gameplay issues
  • Try disabling all of your addons
  • All of them.

  • Other issues may be inherent to the demo build - No updates will be released


  • F4 - Course menu
  • +alt2 (bind) - Melee with weapon out
  • "Buildmode" in console toggles build mode
  • Z, X, C, V, Mouse Wheel Up/Down - Buildmode rotation
  • S - Buildmode set spawn at cursor
  • R - Buildmode lock to axis (when dragging)

  • All other bindings are tied to your gmod controls
  • This video by r4tboy should help explain most moves
Changing Beatrun settings
  • Type "find Beatrun_" in the console to list all cvars and some commands
I want to hide the HUD
  • Beatrun_HUDHidden 2 (1 will keep course name and timer, 2 will hide everything but the reticle)
  • Beatrun_HUDReticle 0
Starting Infection mode

    Server owner:

  • Enter "lua_run Beatrun_StartInfection()" in the console
  • Enter "lua_run Beatrun_StopInfection()" in the console to stop

  • dm_cubix_fix is a good map if you're looking for one
Saving and starting a course
  • Beatrun_SaveCourse "Course Name" in console when you are done building your course
  • Press F4 to see all saved courses for the current map